Professional Hotel Photography

The best hotel photographers in Delhi NCR know that photos are at the centre of your communications and marketing efforts, and they’re important to get right. Meri Chitrasala has been working with some of the top luxury hotels in the world for many years. Our lighting technique permits us to have an incredible degree of control over our environment, which means that we can work when it’s most convenient for you and that we can achieve a steady look across all of the images we create. Whether you are looking for luxury hotel interior photography to capture the feel of your rooms, design of your property, and show off incredible architecture or want to arrange the lifestyle photo-shoot that conveys the experience of being a guest at your hotel, we can help.


Professional Hotel Photography Creates More Bookings

Meri Chitrasala truly believes that one of the highest ROI marketing investments and utmost relevant any hotel can make is for genuinely professional quality images. We offer the professional photography services in Gurgaon also and work with many of the finest architectural, hospitality, lifestyle, food, hotel and resort photographers in the world. While most tenants recognize that somebody who can snap a few photos, there is no contrast to the marketing outcomes that attain while working with a highly skilled professional hospitality photographer that can create booking inspiration.

Resort photographs and Professional hotel will make all the difference in creating booking for customer appeal. 

Attract More Customers to Your Hotel

More hotel images, direct bookings that convert. Professional photos make the difference and are the first impression of your hotel.

Enhance Your Search results

Add Premium Photos to your Google Search Results and drive clicks to your Website where guests can see the full gallery!

Premium Images for Hotel Marketing

Showcase Premium Photos on your Social media and Website, as well as traditional media and print in advertising to attract guests.

Be Virtual Reality Ready

With Virtual Reality headsets striking the market, your hotel will be among the first to be seen with this technology.


Meri Chitrasala has many years of experience in the Professional Hotel Photography and Virtual Media Field.

Our expert’s team is prepared to:

  • Guide you through the procedure of Hotel Photography.
  • Save you the time and hassle of doing it yourself.
  • Create virtual media and professional imagery of your hotel.
  • Help your hotel to increase bookings and become more attractive online!

Each associate of the Meri Chitrasala Exposures team has undergone extensive training to offer the highest quality virtual media, aerial videos, and photos. Our skilled and experienced photographers strive to place great marketing assets in your hands. Our goal is to help you with your virtual media and Photography needs!